• Proposition 128: AZ Const – Allow AZ Leg. to adjust ballot props impacted by court rulings
  • Proposition 129: AZ Const – Allow only one subject per ballot initiative. Prevents fraud
  • Proposition 131: AZ Const – Establish Office of Lt Governor to protect the will of the people
  • Proposition 132: AZ Const – Requrie 60% supermajority to approve taxes via ballot initiative
  • Proposition 309: AZ Voter ID Reqs – Requires gov’t Photo ID proving US Citizenship to vote


  • Proposition 308: Education – Allow non-citizens to receive in-state tuition rates in AZ Schools Vote NO!
  • Proposition 310: Fire District Funding – Add 0.1% Sales tax to fund rural fire districts. Poor solution Vote NO!
  • Prop 209 excuses people from having to pay their debt which will increase inflation, make it harder to access credit, and shift the burden to taxpayers who do pay their bills. Vote NO!
  • Prop 211 requires private organizations to disclose donors to the government if they spend more than a certain amount in any given election, violating the constitutional right to privacy and association. Vote NO!


  • Proposition 130: Property Tax Exemptions – Arguments against: Allows non-residents moving to AZ to receive exemptions no matter when they move. Removes language of exemptions from existing law for educational, charitable and religious organizations. Arguments for: Allows AZ Legislature to enact specific, common sense tax exemptions.

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